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Zanzibar: Neighbours as babysitters


Child care in Zanzibar has been faced with several challenges particularly to employed mothers who need to report at work daily. Working mothers have to leave their infants to unskilled neighbouring mothers, and relatives who volunteer to look at the children.Ms Maryam Maulid, a care taker, says she has been caring for infants from the date of birth to age of three years. She mentions that in 13 years of her work the big challenge has been getting used to newborn baby.For more information read here.


Lack of space for children to play remains the biggest challenge for the early childhood development in Zanzibar, and solution yet far to be reached. There have been no serious steps taken by the community and government to allocate spaces designed for kids to play. Lack of space for children to play is attributed to expansion of settlements in urban areas, poor planning, lack of coordination among organizations responsible for childhood development, and corruption.For more information read here.
Hats still deeply rooted in Zanzibar

Hat wearing has been one of the unique cultures of Zanzibar for decades. The hats popularly known as kofia ya kiua is made locally mainly by young women who take about one to five weeks to complete one hat, depending on how busy is the person making the hat.For more information read here.

Zanzibar: Women lack capital for fish trade

Dagaa is the famous name for small eatable fish in Zanzibar. The small fish is mainly dried and sold. Drying fish has been one of the main activities for people including women living near the sea. The small fish or fry is dried and sold locally, but the business has been hampered by lack of enough capital and reliable market.For more information read here.

Zanzibar: Women want more involvement

Zanzibar has been practicing multi-party a democracy since 1992, and already the Islands have had three multi-party general elections. But since then there was only one unsuccessful attempt by a woman in 2000 general elections to vie for presidency. He failure was attributed to lack of support from her fellow women.For more information read here.

 Zanzibar: Hygiene problematic in fish trade


For a long time, traders and customers in Zanzibar have suffered the filthy environment. Although Zanzibar Municipal Council (ZMC) gets funding from donors and collects revenue daily from traders, little has been done to keep the town clean.For more information read here.




Zanzibar: Immature fruit inundate market

As trucks loaded with vegetables, yams, bananas, sweet potatoes, and fruits arrive at markets every morning with farmers to sell produce to hundreds of people, complains about premature farms products increases. One man named Ahmed Simba, complained to a trader after buying premature papaya (fruit), which visibly looked good and attractive, but it was ‘acidic and tasteless. This suggests that the papaya was harvested premature.’For more information read here.

Fake drugs in massive circulation in Zanzibar

Health officials have cautioned the public of fake and expired medicines, and cosmetics in Zanzibar market, as they asked the consumers to take extra-precaution when buying the items from the medical shops.The warning has been issued by the ‘Zanzibar Food, Drugs, & Cosmetics Board (ZFDB) registrar Dr Burhan Othman Simai when giving a briefing about the outcome of the survey conducted by his office in July this year in pharmacies to identify substandard, fake and expired goods on Unguja and Pemba islands.For more information read here.

Zanzibar: Seaweed trade flourishes

For the people of Zanzibar, fishing and farming are the main economic activities. From the beginning of the 19th century to the mid-1970s Zanzibar exported a large proportion of the world’s supply of cloves. Some diversification has occurred since then as the world market price for cloves fell dramatically in the 1980s, but cloves are still a major export, along with coconut products and other spices. In recent years, seaweed has also become an important export commodity.For more information read here.

Zanzibar affected by increasing prices

An increasing number of Zanzibaris living in urban areas are finding it harder to put enough food on the table and to dress in new cloths, many people and traders are complaining.’ The prices of food and clothes are very high’, said Ms Zuwena Mohamed, a mother of two children. ‘There is enough food stuff in shop and clothes on streets when we do not have enough income to buy what we need.’ Things are very difficult for the majority of us. Everything is beyond our reach. For more information read here.

Zanzibar disabled encourage to vote

Despite positive steps in improving laws, persons with disabilities in Zanzibar continue to face several challenges including inaccessible building, and difficulties in participating in elections, it has been observed here in Zanzibar stone town in a forum to discuss the ‘rights of disabilities ahead of the general elections.’ For more information read here.


Zanzibar: Poll official optimistic

Politicians in Zanzibar have began preparing for the general elections that will for the first time lead to coalition government after decades of political conflicts on the Indian Ocean Islands which merged with Tanganyika to form the united republic of Tanzania in 1964.For more information read here.


­­­­­­­­­­Zanzibar: Early pregnancy cases increase

Although arguably the trend of unmarried births to teens or early pregnancy has continually declined over the past decade in many communities, in some areas in developing countries such as Zanzibar still remains a great concern.For more information read here.

Oldest church in East Africa renovated

The first Catholic Church which was built in 1867 is now undergoing major renovation including roofing of the two towers or minarets. Although Christian population is small and fluctuates, masses are normally conducted mainly on Sundays. The first Christmas mass was held in the church in 1898.Mr Evaristus Mushi, Zanzibar Parish Priest said the catholic church, named St Joseph cathedral, was now dilapidated and requires major renovation of mainly the two towers, walls, and paints affected by salty moisture from the nearby ocean.For more information read here.

Zanzibar hit by erosions

Soil and beach erosion are affecting Zanzibar villages. Some extreme incident occurred at Jambian villages, south of Zanzibar , where coconut trees and a block built to prevent water waves collapsed.A number of houses including tourists’ hotels near seashore in Zanzibar Islands are now under threat due to sea erosion attributed to climate change and expanding careless human activity. The erosion is also attributed cutting down of mangroves trees, and destruction of coral-reefs. The soil and shoreline erosion are putting near by houses at risk of demolition. For more information read here.

Zanzibar: Livestock keepers dissatisfied

Livestock production is one of the major agricultural activities in Tanzania. The sub sector contributes to national food supply, converts ranch-lands resources into products suitable for human consumption and is a source of cash incomes. It provides about 30 per cent of the Agricultural GDP.For more infomartion read here

Zanzibar: Crippled woman becomes creative

 It is estimated that about 650 million people in the world live with disabilities, and frequently encounter a myriad of physical and social obstacles. They often lack the opportunities of the mainstream population and are usually among the most marginalized in society. For more information read here

Zanzibari turn to fitness for better health

 Frequent and regular physical exercise has been shown to help prevent or treat serious and life-threatening chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia, and depression. Endurance exercise before meals lowers blood glucose more than the same exercise after meals, medical doctors say.For more infomation read here.

Zanzibar: Malaria prevalence now at 1 percent

 Zanzibar’s success in reducing Malaria epidemic has turned the Indian Ocean islands into admirable model prompting other developing countries to learn from the Tanzania archipelago.Zanzibaris and the government are now celebrating the achievement in reducing malaria from above 40 percent prevalence in 2005 down to only one-percent by end of last year.For More infomation read here.

Zanzibar Women Brace Themselves For Polls

As the calendar for the fourth multiparty general elections draws closer, promoting women’s participations in the elections has been gaining momentum as the government, Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC), and international organizations have joined forces to conduct public forums and training sessions to enhance the women leadership in decision making in the preparation for the elections  The United Nations Development Programmers (UNDP) has launched series of activities, under its programmers dubbed ‘Election Support Programmers (ESP)’ to encourage women participation in politics including contesting in the upcoming general elections scheduled for October 31st this year.For More infomation read here.

Zanzibar farmers coached on modern methods

Despite relatively fertile land and many experts in agriculture, people in many areas in East African region still dwell in poverty and repeatedly struck with food shortage. These problems have raised international concerns prompting governments and NGOs to come-up with strategies to improve farming. The strategy to improve farming in Tanzania has been dubbed ‘KILIMO Kwanza’ meaning ‘farming first.’ For more information read here



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