Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA)


Zanzibar Diaspora Association ( ZADIA ) had a secontd meeting on March 10 and agreed to the new constitution for the association.

Head office will be in Philadelphia Organization will be registserd in the state of Penyslvania.

We are inviting all Zanzibari in North America to join Zanzibar Diaspora Association (ZADIA) . Please take a couple of minutes to fill out this form. It is enough to fill out one form for the entire family.

All what we want to do for right now, is to be able to contact at least one member of the family who will contact the rest in case there is any need or benefit to do so all Zanzibari in North America.
Please distribute this form on our behalf and do fill it out yourself. As we know, charity begins at home.

Interim Leardership

Omar ALI (Interim Chaiman)
Shamis Abdulla (Interim Secretary)

For more inrormation please click here 


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